Earn Money on eBay Without Selling

We have all the people who sell collectibles on eBay is the fate of the first, but it is not the only way to make money on eBay. In fact, you can make money on eBay without selling anything. Here's how.
Five years ago, I remember reading an article in Fortune magazine about someone who has guessed a million bucks on eBay to sell antiques old that I would never buy someone would have done. But eBay contends, in essence, your market in the world with Internet access and many customers.
After reading this story, I remember in my basement position with great enthusiasm. What could I sell, I would be one million dollars? Well, I have an old bat, a pair of gloves the ball, a lot of old records, I never use an old washing machine / dryer is not working, and a manual mower that I can not never cut another blade of grass.
Then I went to my parents. That was my rationale: They have lived longer and should have a more intimate space. I have made conditions even more: Set time and vacuum turntable stereo, old industrial tools and many other products. Ultimately I went to all my family and collecting all the different things I did in my research for a lot of money selling on eBay.
Although I know that my future manna only spend money, I asked each of these terms on eBay. I sold everything and has a very low amount of $ 1,000. Given the time that I put into this, my hourly wage is probably well below the minimum wage. And frankly, it was a great amount of work, packing and shipping all items (including the washer / dryer!).
Not even death, I realized the market value of eBay, but also realized that selling on eBay is not just for me. It took a lot of work, a lot of physical products and very low yields. I need another way to make money on eBay.
I discovered this new way of making money on eBay, when I read the eBay affiliate program. In this program, you make money by selling products on eBay, but by promoting eBay products on your website. Very interesting, I thought.
I had a problem: I did not have a website. Now, with the same enthusiasm I had when I started in the basement, I learned everything I know it is about creating a website. When I was done with him, my site was great and I received many compliments.
But I had no visitors. So I learned to promote my site with various promotional materials. Little by little (it takes some time), people began to come to my site and asked relevant auctions currently on eBay pages.
In this way, I have money as an eBay partner. Since then I have many websites, all direct hits on the eBay site, and earn lots of money created as a partner of eBay.
Who knew? You can actually make money on eBay, nothing!

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Earn Money on eBay Without Selling