Tips For Selling Laptop On eBay

Want to sell your laptop on eBay? could there are some scams that deceive you - Well, it certainly was a good buy and money from your old laptop sales channel, but be careful.
You must be careful when you sell your laptop - this article shows you some advice. In particular, you should be aware of the fraudulent bidders who scour eBay for the unwary, and pull their money.
1. Keep all your laptop
Good advice I have to sell laptop computers - Ensure that all the things you included in the package laptop, if you continue to find their first purchase. You see, a buyer would surely pay a little 'more, if your computer has its original box, manuals, software, cables, etc. So make an effort to keep the initial appointment with you - so that when you sell your computer Portable finally have things that have good original condition and "Extra" for the buyer.
2. Monitor the end of the auction
One of the most important things to do in the laptop is sold, the auction should be monitored in the vicinity. apply in fact this is true not only for laptops, apply to the sale of all kinds of items you have.
The vast majority of bids in the last minutes of an auction to come. What some swindlers could do is remove a user name eBay, then offer the handset as the auction ends. It bidders for the auction should be kept nearby. Anyone with bad grades or comments that are not active on eBay for over a year is very suspect.
3. PayPal is not a guarantee
Some of you live and breathe through PayPal if you sell your laptop on eBay. Now, PayPal is one of the -. eBay and need to protect sellers from politics (for the sale of up to $ 5,000 a year, is an operation of PayPal's fraud, but there are some notes in small print - PayPal only covers the operation meets certain criteria (for example, must be "approved" Selling address, proof of signature by the recipient tag, used to U.S. $ 250 and will be delivered later).
4. Check out
A site that is very useful for selling your laptop on eBay What should I do? Well, that is a third party that collects and keeps the money paid by the buyer and seller instructions. These guys are licensed and regulated, and serve to protect both buyers and sellers. They act as a "court" in each transaction and ensure that all works well and fairly.
5. As before shipment
A lesson I learned in my eBay adventure (not just laptops, but also the sale of another tag) must be maintained at a bit 'before shipping. Once again - - not send your laptop to the buyer at least one working day after payment is made to your PayPal account or money has cleared your bank. Do not you want to send the laptop to discover the payment was fraudulent.
6. Communicating via eBay
Here's an important - communications with eBay. eBay has its own integrated communications system and must use them fully. That transactions and communication within eBay, it has a strong record and traceable to help the investigation to be defrauded.
7. Wipe Out Your Hard Drive
Many people forget to do after selling their laptops. Please, please, please - remove all your personal information, credit card numbers, passwords, and love letters to the disk drive on your laptop. There is a good video on "How to completely wipe a hard disk, you should watch anyway.
I hope this article helped you understand some good advice on selling laptops on eBay. For most people, selling expensive items like laptops on eBay should not be a problem - but there have been cases of people who had not betrayed. Often end up without a laptop and without the money to the buyer. Well aware of the above tips the next time you take a laptop sold (or any other expensive part) are on eBay. Good luck and happy selling!

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Tips For Selling Laptop On eBay