How do I buy an item?

You can almost anything on eBay-Shop. Familiarize yourself with the following:
1. Find a point.
Enter your search term in the search box at the top of every page or see our list of categories on the home page.
2. More information about the object found.
See item description. If you have questions about the item that you can use the answer to the question of a link.
3. Read the information of the seller.
Search View seller's reputation of the company for his score, and read comments left by previous buyers to be sure that it is a seller, you feel you can trust.
4. Check to see the article, which are options. You can bid on or buy an item instantly using Buy It Now. Remember, all bids are active until the entry ends. If you win, or click the Buy Now button, you are obligated to complete the transaction.
5. Once you have won or purchased the item, please send payment to the seller within 3 days. Offered by the seller to pay for an electronic payment method, click "pay now on the list of notification or e-mail if you can pick up the item, you agree with any method, the seller (including cash) to pay.
1. Be sure to pay one of the methods specified by the seller.
Checks, money orders and bank transfers are accepted for most purchases. The exceptions are vehicles, equipment and materials, real estate, items in the category of adults only and pick-up. For details on payment options please see our payment policy.
Buyer Tips 
1. Whether you're new to eBay or an experienced buyer of these tips can help you offer and buy safe and smart.
Do your research
More information about this article.
See item description. Get details on shipping and payment options. Do not make assumptions about details that were not included in the description.
2. Find answers to your questions.
If you have questions or concerns about the classification, please click on the link Ask a question in the list. common questions like: "Do you accept returns?" and "How do you ship the item?"If you already have a large item, so you have a problem communicating with the seller via e-mail, you can request contact the seller.
3. Check the seller's information.
In the list, click the number in parentheses next to the username of the seller. You'll see that other customers have to say about the issue with the seller.
4. The search for the value of the product.
Similar to this completed before the search is complete listings. Visit also sell online stores, the items to determine what the problem is worth it.
5. Make sure the item is legal and authorized.
If you have doubts about the item you are interested is welcome to review our policies and terms prohibited limited.
Look at your options 
1. Determine the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item.
Think about what that item is worth to find another, and how quickly you need. Next, determine the maximum price you are willing to pay. 
2. Understand what entering a maximum bid.
Our automatic bidding system means that you can enter your maximum bid once the system will automatically increase your bid only if required to stay the highest bidder, without using your maximum bid.
3. Make a serious offer to everyone.
Do not bid on many similar concepts from different vendors, if you have one. You could be the winner will be more than one auction and would be charged for each item that you won for purchase.
4. Consider Buy It Now.
The list of interests that you have a Buy It Now? If so, if you're willing to pay Buy It Now to make sure you receive the item without having to wait until the auction is over.
5. Consider Offer.

If the seller offers the best deals, offered a price that you think might be the best price for you and the seller an 'offer for that amount. In some categories, and the seller against afford at a price you decide to come.
Planning ahead
1. Make sure your contact information and e-mail is in progress.
Check your personal information to ensure it is correct.Also make sure that the anti-spam software you have installed does not preclude a supplier to communicate with you. 
2. Start early if you want to purchase with PayPal.
The road to victory started with the best start in the list so you can respond to the seller to provide.
3. Plan for access to a replacement computer.
If you have problems with your computer or connection, or need to move away from your computer to your auction or other account activity through surveillance in My eBay from any computer with Internet access.

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How do I buy an item?