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Why are sellers on eBay ?

There is no doubt that at all, is where many buyers ... traffic and sales that eBay is distorted, even now, are alternatives such as eBay Amazon, Bonanzle Bidtopia and biting at his heels.

But while eBay is a haven for buyers in many ways, is the seller of Wall Street.

Sure, you can earn much money, but you can lose a lot of money there, and you must keep the rules of 1001, while in competition with many sellers.

The ban on the dreaded eBay is probably the worst thing that can happen to you. A lot of bad luck and ban your eBay account, keep your costs and leave you without income wondering what happened.

So you can be banned from eBay?

Not much, when you think. Many of the new rules to the status of prohibited items when you have a violation of eBay rules on what can not be sued five times your account will be banned.

Seller DSRs also ineffective, even without a house on eBay.

Again, this is a difficult case, as weights to prevent eBay DSR people against those who sell the customer service auction, the man, the source from abroad or dropshippers.

major shopping centers such as the Christmas season the day and the mother may also interfere with the DSR ratings.

So how do you protect yourself against the ban on eBay?

Get a safety net

eBay alternative offering a safety net because it was their listings on the market for your eBay account to stay away so as to maintain the same if not higher, level of income.

If it is true that the alternative would be to eBay will have the same number of customers, who are two, three, four or more pages.

Since the alternatives are cheaper than eBay in the eBay listing (and free, in many cases) there are no cost constraints face to eBay, and you can spread your Paris without effort or thought.

There are many other reasons for listing on eBay alternatives are a good bet too.

It's good for advertising

How do your products out there on other websites is also a good idea in terms of getting your name and your product on the market - customers are increasingly turning to search engines to find products and most important, not only users on Ebay. The more there are, the more likely to find and remember.

The more the merrier

How can people see your evil? It can not, can only help increase sales, or at least more visible.

No matter if you sell the best antiques, computers, or import for wholesale dropshipping in China, investing a bit 'of time and effort and some news sites may in some great sales.

Now you know the dangers of a sole source of income, it's time to find an "insurance". China wholesale supplier Chinavasion.com has a list of great alternatives eBay

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